"Safe coffee"

 Interactive installation with security camera container, cafè machine, hot coffee, wooden panel.


“Safe coffee” is a proposal of an interactive installation. It’s a security camera that lost its original function of being a hot coffee dispenser.


The security camera is a video camera that provides footage of any event which may happen, This surveillance object can record movements of people in order to detect and prevent crime. Security cameras have become an ever-present part of societies all over the world.


According to advertisements,these cameras allow ordinary people to enjoy the advantage of remotely viewing the world around them through keeping a wonderful eye on their issues.

Private citizens have begun to realize that the benefits of placing security cameras around their businesses in order to deterring criminals and vandals, may increase office productivity.

Along the roles of this public space observer, these sensitive eyes are invited to inner spaces as a guest or visitor who is able to observe in order to keep the environment/location/space/room safe.

At the present time the presence of these eyes is very common even in the private atmosphere such as kindergardens, schools, and houses to offer further advantages:

  • Preventing break-ins
  • Remote property monitoring
  • Children monitoring

 This proposal is about an in-site specific installation which can be used to benefit participation in having a cup of coffee. One manual button brews the hot beverage, a conscious activity which can be hand operated rather than automatically or electronically.   


This coffee machine becomes an instrument to give a warm welcome from the family to the guests.

The aim is to change the role of one of the symbols of the hidden control, and the eye that watches everybody secretly becomes a point of interaction in society. The installation will favour the confrontation and conviviality into the family setting.  



 "The thermos is connected to the spout which comes out from the camera via a tube for liquid food. Inside the camera, the coffee flow is controlled by a small solenoid for liquid beverage, set at a low voltage to avoid any kind of risk. The user, when he feels like drinking a coffee, presses the button that controls the valve. When you release the button, the solenoid valve closes and immediately stops spilling the coffee. "